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The EventReference Diary system allows registrants to book one to one appointments with your Exhibitors

Book one to one appointments between your visitors and exhibitors using the diary system

Enable visitors and exhibitors to book or schedule appointments

Diary view using the EventReference diary system

Exhibitor list

Visitors can navigate through an engaging exhibitor list – viewing full company descriptions and logos using comprehensive search tools such as country, regions and categories filters.

View an exhibitor list using the EventReference diary system
View customised exhibitor profile using EventReference diary system

Custom profiles

Exhibitors can view custom profiles and even photographs of the participants they have appointments with.

This gives valuable insight to allow them to prepare for their upcoming appointments.


Additional diaries

Additional diaries can be set-up to allow staff to have their own dedicated diary. Slots can be blocked to ensure appointments are not scheduled in for an inconvenient time.

Exhibitor appointments can be moved from one diary to another.

Multiple diaries for you stand using the EventReference diary system

Diary messaging

If required, Exhibitors can be allowed to send appointment requests with a personalised note to specific registrants. Only the registrant's company name and job title details are visible at this stage. Additional details are only displayed if the visitor accepts the request.

The two-way messaging system allows both parties to plan and communicate in the build up to the appointment. This ensures a tailored, needs focussed conversation.

The two-way messaging system allows both parties to plan and communicate in the build up to the appointment using the EventReference diary system

Best match

Our Best Match solution is great for match making buyers with exhibitors/suppliers depending on their preferences, used across small and large events

Best Match allows your visitors and exhibitors/suppliers to select their one-on-one meeting preferences in advance, by first ranking and then ordering those they are interested in meeting.

Best Match allows your visitors to rank exhibitors/supplier

Once this process is complete, EventReference uses a sophisticated algorithm to match the buyers with exhibitors/suppliers in order of their ranked preference and create appointments, giving them a schedule to follow throughout the event.

Best Match allows your visitors to rank exhibitors/supplier

Bookable sessions

The system displays flag and count notifications to indicate new appointments, new messages or new appointment requests.

Bookable sessions can be added to diaries from the comprehensive events session directory.

Add bookable sessions to your dairy with the RefTech diary system
Diary features with the RefTech diary system

Diary features

Selected sessions automatically book into the diary if the diary slot space is available i.e. it doesn't already contain an appointment or hasn't been reserved or blocked out.

All diaries can be printed and exported into iCal or Excel. Viewing and navigation around the diary system is mobile device optimised and can be accessed directly from the Event App

The system allows you have a custom dashboard that links to other useful contents. These can be updated from the back office and could include items such as travel and accomodation advice, event news, entry barcode etc.


Diary Lite

Love the diary system but don't need all the functionality, we have a simplified version available for a reduced cost.

Features available through Diary Lite are listed below:

  • One to one appointment booking.
  • Exhibitor listing.
  • Bookable sessions.
  • Reduced listing search functionality (company name and alpha search only).
  • No custom visitor profile visibility (only name and company name available).
  • No exhibitor requesting appointments.
  • No custom dashboard.
  • TEL: +44 (0)1827 818181

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