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Thomas Heiser

YOUR EVENT, YOUR WAY: A decade of using EventReference to handle event registration.

Thomas Heiser is a freelance event manager who runs Focal Point Marketing and Events, based in Bristol. His clients include associations, the tech sector and blue chip companies; managing events for 500 – 5,000 delegates. Thomas has been using EventReference to handle his event registration since 2007.

“I recommend EventReference to everyone I work with. As a freelance event manager, I always have multiple projects on the go so I need an event registration system to work, and work well. I discovered ER about ten years ago and I've used it for pretty much every event I've run since. Registration is an important touch-point for delegates – from the initial booking to arrival on the day of the event. If registration goes well no one really notices it, but if it goes wrong it can impact on the whole event. EventReference is reasonably priced, flexible, quick to use and extremely powerful. It does everything I need it to do, and it's intuitive so there isn't a massive learning curve when you start to use it or invite clients to access the backend.

“You can tell the developers really understand the needs of event organisers. ER has been designed to do things the way I would do them, and provide the information in the format I require to deliver my events well. It also works great onsite with online edits to the system allowing badges and reports to be adjusted even while the event is running. When I have experienced issues, the technical support team have been great. They know their system inside out, and understand the importance of making sure the little things are taken care of. EventReference is reliable, does everything I need and is cost-effective. My one request to the ER team? Keep doing what you're doing and keep me looking good!"

Thomas Heiser, Freelance Event Manager, Focal Point Event Management

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